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Prabhas Is Getting Engaged To Anushka Shetty? The Actor Finally Responds

After the success of Bahubali 2 There were too many rumors that anushka shetty and prabhas are in love with each other. There were soo many Rumors of Their screte affair. Till Now Both have done 5 films Together and their onscreen chemistry was superb and audience likes their chemistry  

Many people in telgue industry believes that they are in relationship but when someone asks them about their relationship they deny!Even during Saaho’s casting, people expected Anushka Shetty to be the lead actress. 

Finally, Prabhas has opened up about his relationship with the actress; now, he says that since he has been friends with her since 9 years, the relation is strong. Not only this, Prabhas also said that sometimes, the bonding is so beautiful that even he starts feeling there’s something brewing.

He says,

“When we first worked together we had decided that at no cost we would allow rumours of our linkup float around. We have been film friends for nine years now. We are very good friends. We have known each other for years but I admit sometimes when such stories start doing the rounds, then I too start wondering if there is, indeed, something between us. We know that we are not romantically involved. By the way, this is nothing new — when an actress works with an actor in more than one film, then people tend to make them a pair.”

After this much of explanation People Think that there is something between Anushka and prabhas! ❤️ lets see what Happens in Future... 

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