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KBC 9 Seven Crore winner?? See Here

So Finally We have got the first 1 crore winner Of KBC 9 and the Women who won the 1 crore is "Anamika Majumdar" She played very well and given correct answers of every question very Intelligently. Now we will tell you more about Anamika Majumdar!

Anamika Majumdar Lives in  Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. She is a Housewife and a social worker, whoes charity works to help children in difficult circumstances in jharkhand. While playing the she was very calm and giving answers after thinking only. She said after winning 50 lakh....

After I won Rs 50 lakh, I was taking a lot of time on every answer and I knew I wouldn’t get such a chance again. All my lifelines were over and I didn’t want to lose after reaching that point. I was confused in the final question, but the final decision of 2-3 seconds changed my life,” says Majumdar.

After winning 1 crore The next JIo Jackpot question is played by her and that question was..

Which of the following pairs are not a Parent Child, who have both won Nobel Prizes?
A.  Marie Curie & Irene Joliot Curie
B.  JJ Thomas & George Paget Thomson
C.  Niels Bohr & Aage N. Bohr
D.  Hermann Emil Fishcer & Hans Fischer
and After thinking many times she decided to quit the game which was very good decision taken by her because the answer she was knowing was wrong! It has to be say that anamika majumdar was very ingtelligent and sloved lady. she was not able to win 7 crore but 1 crore rupees is also not a small amount its a very huge amount. 

Majumdar, who hails from Jamshedpur says, “I want to spend this money to help people. Although I am tempted to go back home and use it immediately, I want to come up with the best way to utilise such a big amount.”
We are sure that Anamika majumdar will use this money for the benifit of Poor childs...all the very best to Anamika Majumdar
what do you think about our first crorepati tell us below in the comment section!

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