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Bigg Boss Contestant Priyank sharma is kicked out from House! Read Full story

War has already started in Bigg Boss house from the day one. Viewers were very exicted to see that this Weekend who be Eleminated From house Among Shilpa, Arshi, Jyoti and bandgi But wait! what happened Yesterday?

As we have seen Yesterday Salman Khan Kicked out Priyank sharma from house!!! we all are were shocked. priyank sharma is one of the celebrity comtestant in the house and very popular. Yesterday Salman khan was very angry on contestant and mainly on Zubair khan because of his behaviour towards Other contestant in The house.

why priyank kicked out ?

As per media reports at Mid Night Aksah and Vikas was started fighting because akash was saying Bad words to his mother and Vikas can't Listen That and Started To fight with akash while they were fighting from mouth priyiank sharma came and slapped Twice to akash which took the fight to physcial Violence! ( Also Read - Bigg Boss house is divided )

Salman khan mentioned this at the launch of Bigg Boss 11 that No Physcial violence will be tolerated in the house and the same happened yesterday salman Kicked out priyank because of physcial violence. 

This all happened because of Priyank's Behavior! as we have seen yesterday that HIna will also leave show if priyank will go! priyank got eliminated or He will be send to Padosi House? what Do You Think Comment Down Below 

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