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6 Reasons why Bollywood is better than Hollywood

As we always came to listen that Hollywood movies are Better than Bollywood movies Their is no doubt that hollywood movies are Fabulous But Today we are Giving You & Reasons that why bollywood is better than Hollywood.

1. Emotional Connection with audience

Bollywood movies have Emotional Drama which Connect People with Film. Holluywood Movies Don't Have emotional Connection with audience. Bollywood movies Touches heart of peoples.

2. Different category of Fims For Different Peoples

Bollywood has Varities of Film There is differnt films for different person according to their Interest which hollywood Dosen't have. They Focus on common Subject.

 3. Soulful Songs and Dances In Bollywood

Bollywood movies have a lot of Songs and Dances in Movies which conncet with audience. Without Songs and dance Our Celebration is incomplete. we are fans of Arijit's Voice and Hrithik's Moves. Hollywood Dosen't Have much Songs and dance In Their Films

4. Simple character is Movies

Bollywood Movies character's are very simple and easy to understand. Film makers Take character's from our Daily Life only from which we can connect with films. Hollywood dosen't focus on Simplicity they do much work on editing.

5. Bollywood FIlms can be watch with family Too!

Bollywood Movies can be watched With Family Members But Hollywood Movies can't be watched with family becuase they have lot of adult seens.

6. Bollywood Dialogues Remains Forever

Bollywood Dialogues Remains With Us Last Long Becuase These Dialogues Touches with our heart and we can use them in our daily life or to entertain people!

what do You Think about Bollywood Movies? Did You Like Hollywood Movies Or Bollywood Tell us By Comment Down Below! 

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