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Bigg Boss 11 House Has Many Things & Is Colourful... Photos Leaked Check It Out

After The Announcment of Bigg Boss Season 11 Starting Date Our Excitement has become double we are just 2 days far from the starting.... Bigg Boss is one of the biggest TRP Show in india and people specially Take out time to see this show! Bigg Boss is Everyone's Favourite! After the Promo of bigg boss 11 we are curious to see what will be their in this season? 

Recently, the CEO of Colors, Raj Nayak posted a pic of Bigg Boss house on Twitter handle & added to our impatience. That particular pic didn’t give much idea and so, some more pics were awaited. (Also Read PAY ATTENTION ALL DIE-HARD FANS OF PRABHAS! YOUR BAAHUBALI HAS A MESSAGE FOR YOU…)

Finally we got some pictures of Bigg Boss 11 House and after seeing this the first thing which comes out from mouth is "WOW" its truly amazing...this time Bigg Boss house is made with well planned all the elements in the house are just awesome. It Is confirmed that contestant will not feel bored in the house everything Looks just beautiful. This Time there are lot of different elements in thye house. SO, here is the photos of Bigg Boss 11 Houose Check it Out....

The entrance

This is the entrance of the house! which looks very beautiful 

This is the beautiful Bedroom

Dining Table
This is the Table where we contestant will take their food... Dining Table

Swimming pool

Here is the swimming pool...

Area where contestant will cook their food "KItchen"

The jacuzzi!

The confession room!

The green washroom!

The telephonic sofa!

The living area!

Kaal Kothri!

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3 beds!

Salman’s Chalet!

Seeing All these doubled my excitement! what about Youors Comment Down and tell us...all The Photos are taken From Here - source

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