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Media Has Crossed All Limits! Here’s What They Reported About Aamir Khan’s Reaction On Bahubali 2!

Bahubali 2 collections have suprised us totaly! It has beaten almost every Superhit films in a race. Filmmakers are shicked to see the increasing Collection Day by Day! It has also beaten Aamir khan's Films Dangal But We are so far from the facts...

Today We are shocked! when we have listen "The Fakest News Ever" headlines started surfacing on the internet that Aamir Khan is shocked with the collections of Bahubali 2.there are many chances that this news is reak because Aamir khan is having many records which are now Beaten By Bahubali 2

check the headlines!

This News is Reported in normal way But some Media houses has Reported This News After Adding "Mirch Masala" and wrote that Aamir was actually trying to get the details of all the records.

This was not it; some even said that when Mr. Perfectionist learnt about this record-breaking spree, he didn’t believe it. Only after cross-checking everything and getting the final numbers, he believed it and was shocked
After reading these reports, don’t you feel as if these journalists are foolish; firstly, how did they come to know about Aamir Khan’s reaction? We have not seen any such interview wherein he has said so. Moreover, Aamir is a matured actor and such things affect him the least.

Media is reporting in such a way as if Aamir has hired the journalist as his personal secretary and has revealed how he feels. Adding some tadka is understandable, but this piece has crossed all the limits.
Aamir Khan should read this and slam the media houses for such unprofessional reporting. What do you have to say about this? Share your views in our comments section below.

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