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Kapil Didn’t Mention Sunil’s Name On Completion Of 100 Episodes! Here’s How Sunil Reacted!

Recently the Kapil Sharma Show has completed its 100th Episode and the sunil grover has shared his feelings for TKSS, He stated that how Lucky He was to be a part of TKSS This Statement Have melted kapil's Heart! Do u think so?

But one thing that surprised everyone that after completing 100th Wpisode kapil thanked everyone but didn't mentioned sunil's Name!!!!

(He said " I thank Everyone who is a part of a show and who are isn't part of a show indirectly he is thanking to Ali Asgar, chandan prabhakar and sunil grover)

kapil has to take sunil's, chandan's and ali's Name directly Rather then saying like this because Everyone knows that they have done a lot for this show. Sunil had maintained silence over this since a long time, but finally in an interview with SpotboyE, he expressed what he feels about that.

“Frankly I didn’t see the 100th episode, but what difference does it make if he didn’t take my name? I was an integral part of the show, wasn’t I? Why thank me? Mera bhi toh show tha woh

BTW we all are happy that TKSS has completed their Century But we still missing Nani, Chandu, Dr. Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi what do you feel On this Matter Tell Us By Commenting Doen in the comment Box Below....

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