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Jio Prime का प्लान हुआ सस्ता! (Jio Prime at Rs 149 Per Month)

hello Friends As You know that Few months back JIO has given Free Data, Free Calls and Free Sms. Everyone has enjoyed this Facility but now it is becoming paid few days back JIO has launched his plans and To enjoy The Free Data, Calls, SmsYou have to do Recharge.

You have to Become JIO prime Member and for that you have to do recharge of 99 rupees. You can do this recharge from Mobile shop or by your Jio App and after that You can enjoy Free data calls and sms for 1 year but You also have to Do Monthly Recharge Of 303 Rupees In which you will get  Unlimited calls and 1 GB per day if you will not Become member of Jio Prime then You will Get ! Gb Per Month.

Due to hight rates if This Monthly Pack JIo has Launched one More Plan For those coustmers who are Not able to afford this pack and The PAck Is 149 Rupees per month In this plan you will get unlimited calls and 2 gb per month.

To get more knowledge About JIO Prime Packs watch this video

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