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Complaint Filed Against Om Swami! This Time He Has Crossed All His Limits & It’s A Serious Issue!

As we all know that Om Swami was the troublemaker in Bigg Boss 10 house and was responsible for 80 percent of the controversies that happened there. He used to always hit the headlines for his adamant behavior and fights with other contestants. Once again he is news and this time the issue is very serious. Aren’t you curious to know what has happened?

Well, this time a molestation case has been filed against this self-proclaimed God man. Yes, as per reports, a woman has accused Om Swami and his associate of molesting her on the 7th of February.
In her complaint, she has stated that this incident happened in IP estate in New Delhi when she was going back home; she alleged that Swami’s aide tried grabbing her and touching her; not only this, he also abused her and dragged her to the ashram. After taking her there, the men tried raping her and when she requested them to set her free, they threatened her that they will malign her image. The woman somehow managed to escape.
The complaint also had a mention of an incident of the past; few months back Om Swami and his associate had a fight with the woman’s husband over some issue and thrashed him brutally.
As per a police official,

This time the man has crossed all his limits and it’s shameful! What do you think guys? Will Om Swami be arrested? In My Openion People like Swami Om should be arrested and police should give him Big Punishment.
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